1 March 2023

Interviews about Erasmus+ and our project for a regional newspaper.

27 February 2023

Reception by the Deputy Mayor of Košice

Our project is archived in the City Chronicle.

27 January 2023

Open Day

19 December 2022

X-mas party with Erasmus+

9 December 2022

Exhibition, tasting and quiz

19 September 2022

Salt in gastronomy - a workshop with a chef

3 September 2022

Day of Salt - excursion to the Museum of salt, Solivar

20 May 2022

Visit to Museum of salt

We learnt about mining, production and processing of salt in the town of Prešov in the past. Since 2016 it has been a national cultural and the most important technical monument.

17 May 2022

Visit to Jasovksa Cave

The cave is rich in forms and colours of its dripstone ornamentation. An area called the Bat cathedral is used for speleotherapy and climatotherapy of asthma and allergic diseases.

Our project in the regional newspaper

20 October 2021

How is salt harmful to our plants?

4 September 2021

Salt Day

3 September 2021

1st project meeting in the school year 2021/22

18 March 2021

Soil salinity